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US-2011050265-A1: Method and apparatus for multilayer support substrate patent, US-2011056766-A1: Ladder tool bag the "LTB" patent, US-2011076125-A1: Single-bridge manipulator maneuvering system patent, US-2011167459-A1: Broadcast Distribution Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof patent, US-2011202142-A1: Biologically derived composite tissue engineering patent, US-2011212753-A1: Portable electronic device patent, US-2011214142-A1: Sytem and Method of Communicating Emergency Alerts patent, US-2011292017-A1: Display device and method of driving thereof patent, US-2011292720-A1: Phase-change memory device patent, US-2012014507-A1: Automatic Generation of Patient-Specific Radiation Therapy Planning Parameters patent, US-2012019212-A1: Bidirectional polyphase multimode converter including boost and buck-boost modes patent, US-2012099769-A1: Storing and retrieving large images via dicom patent, US-2012132014-A1: Sampling container and use thereof as well as a method for taking samples patent, US-2012170724-A1: Method and system for delivering messages patent, US-2012180102-A1: Realization method, device, and system for broadcast service grouping patent, US-2012224356-A1: Illuminated protective hard hat patent, US-2012235993-A1: Display Orientation Adjustment Device And Adjustment Program For Medical Three-Dimensional Image patent, US-2012245810-A1: Method for controlling and/or regulating an automated transmission patent, US-2012247268-A1: System and method for providing a selectable multiple output motor patent, US-2012259675-A1: System and Method for a Retail Collaboration Network Platform patent, US-2013037541-A1: Bezel assembly for electronic device patent, US-2013044731-A1: Proactive Feedback Transmissions During Handover Procedures patent, US-2013063976-A1: Asymmetric serrated edge light guide film having circular base segments patent, US-2013150158-A1: Method of providing game application and image display device using the same patent, US-2013205887-A1: Borehole logging system and method patent, US-2013229845-A1: Method for controlling an inverter patent, US-2013286380-A1: Method and apparatus for quantifying solutions comprised of multiple analytes patent, US-2013298686-A1: Device and method for monitoring a rotor patent, US-2013301049-A1: System for detecting misalignment of an aero surface patent, US-2013306352-A2: Bonding wire for semiconductor patent, US-2013312892-A1: Pneumatic tire comprising a tread sublayer containing nitrile rubber patent, US-2013324800-A1: Surgical device patent, US-2013329787-A1: Signaling data for long term reference pictures for video coding patent, US-2014059199-A1: Transaction-level health monitoring of online services patent, US-2014114489-A1: Sustainable energy efficiency management system patent, US-2014117068-A1: Field-Customizable Inflatable Purge Dam Apparatus patent, US-2014130583-A1: Inspection arrangement patent, US-2014131655-A1: Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same patent, US-2014158812-A1: In-line staged horizontal takeoff vehicles and related methods patent, US-2014231850-A1: Engineered-phosphor led packages and related methods patent, US-2014246306-A1: Anodic compartment for metal electrowinning cells patent, US-2014262369-A1: Drum style roarty tiller patent, US-2014265377-A1: Retractable striker cover assembly for vehicle patent, US-2014285489-A1: Image processing method and system patent, US-2015013715-A1: Ashing device patent, US-2015030392-A1: Method and apparatus for determining stiffness of a roadway patent, US-2010250132-A1: Optimal coding of gps measurements for precise relative positioning patent, US-2011013268-A1: Systems and methods of achieving high brightness infrared fiber parametric amplifiers adn light sources patent, US-2011049119-A1: Method of Storing and Displaying Heated Food patent, US-2011050825-A1: Recording apparatus patent, US-2011080870-A1: Internetworking techniques for wireless networks patent, US-2011103677-A1: Paper-sheet recognition apparatus patent, US-2011107522-A1: Inflatable bed patent, US-2011252778-A1: Hydraulic system patent, US-2011271930-A1: Gas engine with spark plug and bore-cooling holes patent, US-2012012210-A1: Multi-functional concealed shower valve patent, US-2012049467-A1: Turbine blade seal assembly patent, US-2012056754-A1: Energy management system and method and repeater for energy management system patent, US-2012068434-A1: Step board patent, US-2012075852-A1: Three-color mixing led illuminating device patent, US-2012179080-A1: Posture-improving support garment patent, US-2012222877-A1: Hand tool teleactuating pole controlled by a thrust towards the support material patent, US-2012261497-A1: Method for producing a fuel injection element having channels, and a fuel injection element patent, US-2012304805-A1: Handle weight mounting structure of saddle-ride-type vehicle patent, US-2012305704-A1: Control device for aircraft patent, US-2013070305-A1: Printed image erasing system patent, US-2013073973-A1: Facilitating communications between computer users across a network patent, US-2013118505-A1: Magnetic implants and methods for treating an oropharyngeal condition patent, US-2013151686-A1: Management device, information processing device and control method patent, US-2013171846-A1: Usb device with a cap patent, US-2013172227-A1: Liquid detergent composition patent, US-2013270786-A1: Split roll stabilizer patent, US-2013285384-A1: Hydrokinetic electrical generating device patent, US-2013300708-A1: Coordinate indicating apparatus and coordinate measurement apparatus for measuring input position of coordinate indicating apparatus patent, US-2013322941-A1: Fusion device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2014028271-A1: Dc-dc converter and semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-2014081244-A1: Pressure sensing guidewire patent, US-2014130373-A1: Article Of Footwear Incorporating A Knitted Component patent, US-2014140004-A1: Heat sink for power module patent, US-2014160165-A1: Augmented reality system using moving ceiling transparent display for ship and method for enabling same patent, US-2014185608-A1: Systems and methods for connecting telephony communications patent, US-2014219173-A1: Uplink synchronization management in wireless networks patent, US-2014231179-A1: Elevator arrangement and method patent, US-2014259857-A1: Animal bait with threaded shape patent, US-2014270774-A1: Systems and Methods of Hybrid DWDM Aggregation and Extension for Time Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Networks patent, US-2014271310-A1: Clubhead Vane Pump With Balanced Vanes patent, US-2014292523-A1: Alert System for Detecting Rising Water Levels patent, US-2014320275-A1: Remote Operation and Control System for Pressure Filter patent, US-2014320390-A1: Object and movement detection patent, US-2014361884-A1: TPMS Setting Tool patent, US-2015008280-A1: Launched air vehicle system patent, US-2010116906-A1: Watering can patent, US-2010171507-A1: Method of testing display panel patent, US-2010212236-A1: Gin Pole Device for Raising and Lowering a Tower patent, US-2010249436-A1: Method for producing carbonate compound patent, US-2011013596-A1: Method for performing handover to reduce interruption time patent, US-2011038575-A1: Side bearing for a railroad car truck patent, US-2011179370-A1: Method of graphically representing a tree structure patent, US-2011204672-A1: Aerodynamic transformable truck cap assembly patent, US-2011216736-A1: System and Method for Supporting Bandwidth Requests in a Handover patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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